rikkishiratori (rikkishiratori) wrote,

what the hell is wrong with this country???

i came across this blog from a plurk friend as well as several other people i've been following on twitter: http://gangbadoy.multiply.com/journal/item/415/Important_info_from_a_now-blocked_blog

why in the world are the relief goods donated by other countries not being distrubuted to typhoon victims yet? the original post was from ellaganda.com which is now blocked for unknown reasons. this is yet one reason why we our country cannot progress. we have people in power who are corrupted by the power that they hold. they all have ulterior motives that only seems to benefit themselves. just take a look at what is happening around us now...

now is not the time to be selfish. now is the time to help those in need. kahit sabihin n'yong magkaka-inggitan dahil imported sa kanya, sa akin hindi, that's not a valid reason. ibigay n'yo ang dapat ibigay sa nangangailangan.

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