rikkishiratori (rikkishiratori) wrote,

finding happiness

i haven't wrote anything remotely interesting for the longest time. before, i wrote stuff because i was lonely or bitter about something. i feel like today is a good day to start writing again.

some people are happy and grateful about what they have while others are just plain unappreciative about the good things they are given because they're bored with with it.

it's sad knowing that someone you gave everything to would only take you for granted and discard you in a snap. it's hard to accept someone you trust had betrayed you, leaving you feeling that you'll never be able to put trust in people again. it's especially painful when you've been in a relationship for so long and when it's over, you aren't even considered to be a part of their life anymore, not even as a friend after everything you've been through.

excuses are exhausting to listen to. harsh words are exchanged and can't be taken back. you can't help but let the tears fall. you want to hurt yourself to forget the pain you feel inside.

you then try to hide your pain through your smiles and let everyone else think that you're happy when you're not.

for some, happiness is just a heartbeat away from their grasp but for the rest, they need a vague treasure map to be able to find it. until they do, the sorrow that dwells in the heart will never be diffused.

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