the world is going to the dogs

i'm on my way home now and i'm getting pretty worried about traveling alone, especially during the night. just between 3 am and 6 am today, 4 fellow employees fell victim to the most pathetic of crimes - being held up by petty crooks either within gun-point or knife-point. is this really how this season is going to feel, especially now that the global economy is going through a recession? it's not a very nice to know that someone somewhere is waiting for you to take your money or whatever it was that you worked hard for just like that. why the hell do the police not do anything about it? (oh, yeah, they're part of the conspiracy. oh well...

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it's been a long time since i've updated this blog. work is very taxing and i don't have much time to go out and be online all the time. we can't access non-work related sites at the office.

good news, i'll be getting my regularization before the month ends and i'm hoping my performance would be enough to get me an increase. i like this job better than my previous one since i don't get to be shouted at by nagging customers. i just sit and chat with them instead and i can fake my responses in writing better than i can in speaking.

by the middle of october, we'll be moving offices to taguig (grah...). i just hope it's not to scary to travel in the area because i've heard that it was quite secluded.

i'm going home now. my bubba is waiting for mommy...

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sorry i make really delayed updates. i just don't have that much time to go online anymore.  to those who know me personally, you know why.

i'm a bit uneasy with my son right now. he's been throwing up since this morning and he just turned one yesterday.  i'm worried that he might have caught something serious.

i'd like to tell you guys more but i should be going home now. i was just waiting for someone, hence the chance of going online for a bit. 

you guys take care...

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i haven't been able to post after the PPF outing 'coz at the start of the week after that, i started feeling under the weather.

anyway, about the outing... (may 17th)

after my shift (which was on a saturday morning), i went straight home to pack my baby's and my things.  i got home around 4:30 in the morning.  after packing, my dad took us all the way to cardona, rizal.  we got to the resort by 6:30 in the morning.  when we got there and asked where the others were housed at, i realized i didn't know whose name was listed on the reservation (ack!).  fortunately, the receptionist remembered the bunch of people booked in the dorms and we let ourselves in.  me and my sister had with us 6 baggages (including food, toiletries and baby stuff) and a bouncing baby boy.

we couldn't enjoy the swimming much because of the weather.  it was too cold for the baby to swim.  we tried and he just cried and shivered when we did.  he did, however, enjoy the company of the people around us, especially the long-haired guys and gals. ^___^

after one and a half day with the guys, we all packed up to head home.  we asked dandan to give us a lift to cogeo so our parents can pick us up from there. 

this year's outing was jampacked compared to last year's (as in ANG TATABA~!)

hope to come with you guys again next year~!

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the past week, i've been watching this jim carey movie on hbo, "the number 23".  i've always wanted to watch it since i saw it's trailer probably a year or so ago.  it's about a book about the number 23 enigma, where all incidents and events are directly connected, has some permutation, of or any number related to 23.

it's kinda creepy, actually.  you'd think that he's only imagining the things that were written on the book but... hehe, i wouldn't want to spoil the plot for you, now, would i?

it's a really good thriller, especially since it's jim's first dibs on one.  he fits the character perfectly. it's a must see for any jim carey fan :D

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saw this on jake's lj...

You Are 68% Bipolar

You're more than moody - you're a bit unstable.

If your mood swings are effecting your life, you may need to seek help.

^ and i think it's true, lol.  sometimes i feel like breaking down but i try hard to keep my composure.  hay, buhay...

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got this from eric's lj post:

What Be Your Nerd Type?
Your Result: Anime Nerd

If anyone is likely to dress up in a crazy outfit, you are! You enjoy the visual stimulants of intense art accompanied with deep plots of fantasy, science-fiction, real-life; or you are just obsessed with Japan and everyone and everything in it. They love to gather with people like themselves at conventions and act crazy! The anime nerds are often associated with the stereotype of being the "psychotic" nerd, because they tend to be obsessive over their characters and series.

You psycho! I'm just kidding! But seriously, all forms of art should be appreciated, and anime is definitely one of them.

Gamer/Computer Nerd
Drama Nerd
Social Nerd
Literature Nerd
Science/Math Nerd
Artistic Nerd
What Be Your Nerd Type?
Quizzes for MySpace

really? (0__o)

i'm still waiting for someone before going home.  and dammit, i'm having trouble typing because i cut my index finger yesterday with a knife while i was trying to open a bag of pancake mix... (=____=)

i'm currently under training with another contact center in makati.  i like the account because i don't have to talk when i'm on duty.  hopefully, i get to stay here for a really long time 'coz i've heard you can progress real quick so long as you do a more than a good job.


i'm still waiting and while i'm online i'll make the most of it :D

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after a long while, i'm back online but with limited time.  i'm still a stay-at-home-full-time mom at the moment until i find a new job.   li'l bubba is almost 9 months old now and, yay~ he has his first baby tooth~! (^_____^)

i'm still waiting for my last pay from my previous job, so for those of you looking for me, yes, i'm still alive and well, lol...  i'd probably be able to go out once i get my money, soon, this march.

hope to see you guys soon...  

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i'm starting to think less and less of romantic love anymore.  i'm starting to lose faith in it.  everytime i get involved with someone they keep hurting me in the end.  what did i do before that made me deserve being sniffed out by jerks anyway?

guess i just have to take it and not think too much about it or i'll definitely go crazy.  i've already ended the whole thing but he said he didn't want to.  i told him i quit, that i don't  want to go through this again.  someday, i guess, i'll find a person who will not do these stupid things just because they feel like it...

... i won't allow my son to be like that to anyone...